Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pirates Continued! Walk the Plank! Arrrrr!

 As captain of the "Golden Treasure Ship" (The name the class voted for our pirate ship!) I decided I could not allow smart pirates on my ship. They could mutiny and take over me ship! 
I had them read an "ar" treasure map list and if they could read it fluently they had to WALK the PLANK!  Of course these waters were shark invested so all me mateys got eaten up by a great white shark!
They practiced on their list all week so they could walk the plank!
Oh, what fun we had!

 Of course everyone had to have a hook! 

 Mrs. Morris was waiting at the end of one of our treasure hunts.  The students had to spell our "ar" words correctly to be able to choose 2 jewels! 

 Our rectangular prism treasure box and our cylinder based hook! 
Inside the treasure box were the items the students earned on their treasure hunts during the week. 
 A pirate pencil, pirate ring, pirate eye patch, jewels, and gold coins were our booty.  
We did a science experiment with the eye patch.  It is thought pirates would flip their eye patch to the opposite eye when they went below deck.  This would mean that the eye that was under the patch was already accustomed to the dark.  We tried it out in our dark coatroom and were amazed at how well this worked!
 Just a bit of some our our pirate work from the week.

 Talk like a pirate and write what you said.

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