Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Arrrr! Pirate Week in Room 19

We studied the "ar" sound this week.  We became pirates on our ship, The Golden Treasure.  What a week of fun learning and treasure hunts.  
 A word of warning for any visitors to our pirate cove.
 The chart we are filling out this week.
 Reading Corner in the Cove
 X marks the spot where learning occurs.
 On the look out for learning on our ship.
 So much learning in such a little area!

The waters in our cove are friendly but shark might be coming around on Friday.

 The pirates hijacked our word wall.  They only want new pirate vocabulary up on our ship.
 Reading corner on our ship.

 We went on a hunt for "ar" word to write on our treasure map.
 Our chest has had different treasures to earn this week. 
 Even Junie B. Jones joined our crew.

3 of the clues from our first treasure hunt!

 Gold doubloons are great for math intervention!
Decomposing Numbers

Our quartermaster dividing up the treasure.
 We created folded and created our own rectangular prism treasure chest.  We are keeping our fluency map in the chest.  If the students can read the words fluently they can walk the plank on Friday!  Watch our for sharks!

We went our a "shape walk" treasure hunt.
We found all kinds of shapes in our school.  We are using an app to label our finds.  We will post them soon!

 The jewels are the treasure earned for being able to spell our "ar" word for the week!

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