Friday, May 29, 2015

Dinosaur Facts and Our New iPad App

We got a new iPad app for our classroom. It is called Explain Everything

 We had been recording dinosaur details from the story we have been reading this week called
 "Fly Guy Presents Dinosaurs." It is written on a second grade reading level so we were excited to get to read it this week.  Each day we recorded some new informational text facts from our "source."  We decided to record these with the new app.

by Kaleb
by Bailey
by Kailen
by Ben
by Faith
by Ava
by Lelend
We are working on creating dinosaur habitats posters.

We are also chose a dinosaur to research with a partner.  We are putting down tape in the hallway to measure the length of our dinosaur.  We will be adding our list of details beside each of our dinosaurs to create our own dinosaur museum.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Our Movies-Reruns!

I had a few parents ask about our class movies on space, pirates, and our art gallery.
I thought I would post the link here to make it easier for you to find them.

Informational Text on Tigers

We had a story about a tiger cub growing up in our textbook this past week.
The students were so engaged in this topic that we decided to learn more.  I compiled a bit of what we did into a short movie.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Author Amelia McGinty Visits McKinley

We had an author visit our school today.  She wrote and illustrated a book when she was 10 years old called The Magical Flower.  She is 11 now.  We each got a copy of her book.  We listened to her tell us about how she wrote, published, and illustrated it.  She used a website called "" that worked with to publish her book.  You can buy her book now on Amazon at
After she talked to our class we went outside and read her book.  
Our school invited parents to read with their children and meet Amelia. 
 The event was called "Reading Under the Trees." 
 Amelia signed copies of her book at the event. 
Amelia McGinty-Author of The Magical Flower

Friday, May 1, 2015

Watch Our Space, Pirate, and Art Gallery Videos

Fun, fun, fun while learning!

Watch the 2 week learning process the students have been creating and experiencing about space.
"Space and the International Space Station" 
To view our movie as we learned about the phonics sound /ar/ watch below.
"Arrrrrrr Pirates"
 To view our week emersed in art history, current artists, shapes in math, and our weekly story about Olivia the Pig visiting an art museum watch below.
"Our Own Art Gallery"