Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Native American Presentation

Today we had a man present us information about Native American Indians.  Here is some of the information we learned from his presentation to us.

  • He played an wooden flute.
  • He showed us a rock that was 2500 years old.
  • The rock had a picture of a girl on it. Her name was Kokopelli.
  • He let a girl play a drum.
  • He told us an story about an Indian playing a flute.
  • He made a wolf howl.
  • He told us that the Native American Indians had different kinds of fish traps.
  • He told us about different types of houses that Native Americans lived in.
  • He told us that the flutes were made of different kinds of wood.
  • He made an owl sound.
  • He said the woodpecker taught an Native American Indian how to make a flute in a story.
  • People went up to dance with the drummer.
  • He taught us that some made blankets and houses out of grass.
  • He showed us some pictures of  Native American Indians.
  •  Some Indians carried their babies on a board.
  • He showed us pictures of them riding horses.
  • He played a song from Pocahontas the movie.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Veteran's Day

Veterans came to McKinley School today. They told us about what they did. They showed us cool things. We saw a wooden gun used to perform a routine with. They passed a flag around respectfully. Some showed us pictures and money from other countries. A woman veteran had a jeep to help guard in the woods and in a town. Mr. Davis worked on tanks in the desert. One time dirt got into a tank's cannon and it exploded and the end was gone. No one was hurt. We love our veterans and Veteran's Day!