Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We NEED MORE Blog Hits Please!

We are excited.  We want to tell you about how many blog hits we have gotten on our blog.  We have 898 hits from the people coming to our blog.  We want to get up to a 1000 hits now before the end of the school year.  We have people from around the world visiting us.  We feel really happy that so many people were on our blog reading it and helping us.  Writing on our blog is fun and exciting!!!

We hope you like our blog.  We worked very hard on it.  It has stories, reports and videos. 

Please come back and visit our class blog again.  We love having you visit us!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Field Trip

Fort Boreman Park Scavenger Hunt

Ward's Fruit, Vegetables and Flower Market

One Room Schoolhouse

We loved our field trip very much.  Our field trip was cool.  We went on two scavenger hunts. We went to Quincy Hill Park and Fort Boreman Park.   Then, we got to go to the fruit, vegetable and flower market.   Next, we went to the mall and ate at Burger King.  We went to a one room schoolhouse after that in Mineral Wells.  There  was a fake teacher at the school. The pretend teacher told S to throw a marble on the floor.  S got in pretend trouble for that.  She pretended that J had  been picking on someone and she pulled his ear to get him up front in the classroom.  S and J had to sit in the dunce chair for getting into pretend trouble. She made K put her nose on a dot on the board because K pretended to pass a note.   She said K was at the board pretending to practice kissing a boy. One of the teachers got her bottom tapped in a pretend spanking. She called called some of the boys "master". They had pretend old wooden guns to play with at recess there. We played cool games, too. There were stilts to walk with during recess. We had ice pops at the end.  It was fun.   The field trip was awesome.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tara the Tiger-Group Writing Activity

Tara is a tiger. She did not open her eyes for nine day. She did not like her first bath. She had a checkup at the vet's office. The lights there were very scary.

Mary is the baby zoo trainer. She takes the tiger home at night. Tara drinks warm milk. As Tara gets older she goes with a new trainer, Lynn. Lynne teaches Tara what she can and can not do when she gets older.

Tara joins the grownup tigers when she is 9 months old. Tara is old enough to eat raw meat. She is big and strong. Tara is big enough to go outdoors. She naps under leafy, shady trees and plays in the water.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bear Cub Report

When a bear is born its eyes are closed.  They drink milk when they are first born.  They don't have to learn how to drink, they just know how. Bear cubs will eat berries and fish. When they get older they get stronger. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

This is the gift the we created for our mothers, grandmothers or the person that cares for us at home. We created a "Breakfast in Bed" gift bag with a muffin and an orange.   We illustrate a book called "If you Give a Mom a Muffin".  It had our picture in it pretending to eat mom's muffin.  We also gave mom a calendar.
K.T. said she read the book to her mom, aunts, and gradma.  They clapped at the end of the story and they said it was beautiful.  E.L.'s mom liked the gift and divided the muffin into 4 pieces to share.  C.C's mom said "Thank you." and "I love you."  C.B's mom said that she loved it and she would love if she had another muffin to go with it.  M.H.'s grandma hugged her and was happy.  S.S's mom received flowers, a card and the bag from him.  She loved it all. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How To Solve A Problem

These pictures were shared by a teacher online. If you know the author please let me know. Thanks, Mrs. Settle

Monday, May 2, 2011

Our African Scrapbook

Personal Writing Journal -4 Square Writing

In our class we use a process called "4 Square Writing".  We started off putting 4 squares on a page in our writing journals.  We would put our topic sentence in box one, details about the topic in box two and three, and a closing in box four.  Since we are getting toward the end of the year we are writing the process with one box per page.  This was our first attempt at a longer story.  You will notice that this is not a totally polished story.  We would do more editing if we were going to take the story out of our journal and publish it.  The goal of the personal journal is to get  the ideas and writing process down on paper.

Passport to the World for Multicultural Week

We liked muliticultural week because we got to do a lot of fun activities.  We got to tour and look at other class' countries that they had studied. We had a passport and got stickers from each country. All the table displays were beautiful.   We saw different kinds of food. We learned how to speak Swahili.  We learned China has panda bears. Panda bears eat bamboo in China. We learned Egypt has pyramids.  All the contries speak different languages.   It was cool. 

Our Week in Africa