Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Fun Day with COSI Science

A Fun Day with COSI

We learned about weather today. We saw a scientist do some experiments. He created lightning. He made a cloud with water and air pressure. He added hot air into a balloon and it went up into the air. He pulled the balloon down and wore it like a hat. He looked funny! We learned that dust makes raindrops up in the sky. He put hot air in a Coke can and he put that in ice cold water. The can got crushed. The air outside the can crushed it. COSI did the same experiment with a barrel. The barrel was put in ice water and in 30 seconds it was crushed. COSI sent the crushed barrel to us so we could see it.

We also got to do fun science activities. We went to stations and played and learned. We did almost all the stations. We got to do a lot of things we had never done before. Here is a list of the stations we did today.

Weather Activity Stations List

Air Pressure Sleeve

Pump Up a Cloud

High and Low Front Tubes

Cloud Scavenger Hunt

Wind Current Tubes

Learned About Storms

Strong Man Vacuum Pull

Weather Map Station

Weather Card Station

Wind Speed Data Collection Station

We really had fun!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Author's Purpose To Persuade

Soccer is a fun sport. You should try soccer because it is a good game. Soccer is a sport that you get to kick the ball into a goal. Only the goalie can use their hands so you might want to try to be a goalie. You get to run really fast! You get to do tricks with a ball! You can kick the ball really high, fast, and far into the sky. You can kick it as far as you want. You can use your head to hit the ball. You should join a team. You should try soccer!

Watch a soccer movie to help you decide if this sport is for you!