Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Olivia Visits the Art Museum

The main character from our story this week is Olivia the Pig. One of the activities she does in the story is visit an art museum. She admires a Degas painting and wonders about a Jackson Pollock painting.
 I love to expose my students to the arts during this week. We learn about the different arts and how to express ourselves in different ways with and through the arts.
Below you will see our Monday and Tuesday activities of this week.  The students love this week!
 We listened to our story "Olivia" first thing Monday morning so we could make the connection to our class art gallery.
 We each made a letter for our sign outside our door so everyone knows our room has been transformed!

 The art supplies are at the ready for the week.
We learned about the glass artist Dale Chihuly.  We created some flowers based off of his "Macchia" design.  You can see them hanging up in our gallery on the first picture of this post.

 These were sprayed with starch to maintain their shape to hang in our gallery.
 Macchia Forest
 Some of the vocabulary about Olivia on our first day.
 We used math equations to create a quilt design.
Mr. Jones giving us an art history lesson about Vincent van Gogh.
 He discussed self-portraits and how Vincent used colors to express his moods.
 Our first drawing in our sketch book!
 We returned to the room and wrote down what we learned about Vincent.  We made a color wheel and studied the primary, secondary, warm and cool colors.
We discovered colors are art, science, and math!
 We watched a video on the faces of women in art.  We used a graphic organizer to compare and contrast what we observed in the different pieces of art.
 Now the fun begins.
We used our Van Gogh knowledge and our understanding of cool and warm colors to create a flower like Vincent would do.

Here is a movie with our finished flowers.
Quick Tour of the paintings inside our art gallery.

Mr. Jones sketching.

Mr. Jones taught us that this song was inspired and written about Vincent's sad life.
 The music expresses this sadness we decided.

We listened to "What a Wonderful World" sung by Louis Armstrong.  
I read the students a book inspired by this song.

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