Monday, March 16, 2015

Art Week Continuted

A few more pictures from our week of art.

Our main art gallery wall is filled with the work from our week sponsored by Olivia the Pig!

 Sketch books are great for following step-by-step directions and understanding "How To" writing.
Jackson Pollack was an artist in our textbook story so we visited a website and created some of our own abstract artwork. The students wrote about their pieces and they are hanging up in our gallery at this time.
Here is the link to paint...

 We learned that Wassily Kandinsky used lines, shapes and colors to create his abstract art.  We copied one of his famous pieces using oil pastels and circles.

 Of course we had do express ourselves with a bit more music and the class loved this song.  We are thinking about doing it for the school talent show.

Mr. Jones came in and taught us about 2 other famous artists from history.
This was about Michelangelo and the church he painted called the Sistine Chapel.

He also taught us about Salvador Dali.

We learned that math and art are connected.
We used lines, shapes, space, numbers, and forms to create some math dragons.

We were very busy expanding our art vocabulary this week.  We were so glad Olivia took on to the art gallery this week!

We got to enjoy the second graders expressing themselves through the art of music in the show called "Seussical."

We make more connections with art and math when we learned about Piet Mondrian.  He loved to use primary colors and math shapes.

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