Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Special Readers at McKinley

We had special visitors come to McKinley today from Washington, D.C. They brought books for every child in our school. The mayor of our town came and read a book to our whole school.

Each child received 2 free books. We also got healthy snacks and water and went back to our rooms for a reading party. We were so excited to get books of our own to keep!

These are the books our class received to keep. The mayor read 2 stories from "Days with Frog and Toad."

We came back to our room to read and eat snacks and talk about our new books!

If you want to read the newspaper article about this event click on the picture above or click this link http://http//

Mrs. S came into our class and shared her favorite book with us today. We really enjoyed the story and her visit. During the story we even heard our new vocabulary word, fiasco. It was nice to hear the word and know we had just learned that word today!

After her visit Mrs. S sent us a letter. We hope she comes back again and reads us another book. Thank you Mrs. S!

Read-To-Self in First Grade

We are working on "Read to Self" in our classroom. Each student has a book box that they take with them to a special place around the room. They read the books in their box silently to themselves.

We have learned there are three ways to read books. We can read the pictures, read the words, or retell the story if we have heard it before.

We are building stamina in our reading each day. Reading stamina is how long we can read to ourselves and stay engaged. This is a process that we have learned takes time and practice. At the beginning of the year we practice, practice, practice so that we can build our reading stamina up to 30 minutes or more.

We also practice choosing a "bubble space" so we don't distract others as they read. We read the whole time, too.

We are learning about how to choose "Good Fit" books for ourselves. Soon the children will be "book shopping" for "good fit" books for their book boxes. Reading sure is fun in first grade! Be sure to ask your child about "Read to Self." They are very proud of how they are doing.