Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Opinions About Pumpkins

In first grade my students must be able to "write opinion pieces in which they introduce the topic or name the book they are writing about, state an opinion, supply a reason for the opinion and provide some sense of closure."  This is our first opinion writing piece of they year.

My Opinion About Pumpkins

by Seth
I think pumpkins are great.  I like pumpkins because you can carve them.  I like pumpkins because they are fun to carve.  I like pumpkins because they can be scary.

by Chyanna
I like pumpkins because they are cute and orange.  I like pumpkins because I can eat the seeds.  I like pumpkins.

by Jasmine
I think pumpkins are great.  Some are small.  I think pumpkins are cute.  I like orange pumpkins.

by Lilah
I think pumpkins are something I really, really like. Sometimes I can use them for party decorations.  Some are big and some are small.  They make me happy.

by Elisabeth
Pumpkins are great.  Pumpkins can be jack-o-lanterns.  Pumpkins are little.  They make me so happy.

by MaryJane
I think pumpkins are great.  Pumpkins are big. Pumpkins are cute.  Pumpkins are jack-o-lanterns.  I love pumpkins.

by Emma
I like pumpkins because they are cute.  I like to plant the pumpkin seeds.  I like to carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.  I like pumpkins. 

by Shelby
Pumpkins are pretty.  I think pumpkins are sweet.  I like picking cute pumpkins.  I love pumpkins.

by Tyeson
I think pumpkins are something I do not like.  I do not like picking pumpkins.  I do not like them because they have too many seeds.  I do not like pumpkins!

by Destiny G.
I think pumpkins are great.  I like pumpkins.  Some pumpkins are orange. Pumpkins are brown.  Pumpkins are green.  Pumpkins are yellow.  They have faces. 

by Emily
I think pumpkins are great.  I like them because they are funny.  I like jack-o-lanterns because they have faces on them.  They can grow little.  I like pumpkins.

by Wyatt
I think pumpkins are great. Carving is fun. Jack-o-lanterns can be made into any kind of face.  Pumpkins can be orange or green.

by Trinton
I think pumpkins are great.  I like carving pumpkins.  Pumpkins can be scary.  Pumpkins are fun to light.

by Garrett
Pumpkins can be carved.  Jack-o-lanterns can be scary. I like pumpkins.

by Destiny B.
I think pumpkins are great.  Pumpkins are cool looking.  They are small.  Pretty pumpkins are little.  Pumpkins are cute and sweet.  I like to eat seeds.  They are yummy.  I love pumpkins.

by TaNaeyah
Pumpkins are not my favorite fruit.  I do not like pumpkins because they are gooey.  They are slimey.  Pumpkins are gross!

by Sara
I think pumpkins are great. They are pretty.  I like pumpkins because they turn into jack-o-lanterns.  I like pumpkins.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Attending a Play


Have you ever read this book?  We went to a play today.  It was called "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrilbe , No Good, Very Bad Day" by Judith Viorst.  It was very hilarious.  Alexander had the worst day ever.  He went the dentist and his brothers didn't have a cavity, but he did.  His 2 big brothers kept picking on him.  He slipped on his skateboard.  He fell on his car.  He wanted to sleep in and when he awoke he found gum in his hair.  The 2 brothers had toys in their breakfast box but Alexander only had cereal in his box.  His became a third best friend.  He decided he wanted to move to Australia!  The actors make the play funny by what they said and how they acted. We felt so happy wacthing the play.  The class loved the play.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

October Literay vs. Informational Text

First graders have to know the difference between literary text and informational text.  We have been discussing the differences these past few weeks.  We took all our special October books and put them under the proper label.  This was a fun activity and the students really enjoyed it.

Rolling for Doubles

Pumpkins, Seed Counting, and Looking Inside

We learned a lot about pumpkins last week.  We used adjectives to describe them.  We used a graphic organizer call a "tree map" to talk about pumpkins.  We estimated how many seeds were inside a pumpkin and then scraped them all out.  We used 10 frames to count the pumpkins.  We took the ten frames and placed them in groups of 10s to count the hundreds.  We had 384 seeds inside our pumpkin. We also used our digital microscope to look inside the pumpkin and the seeds close up.  If you look at the other post called our "Pumpkin Opinions" we also wrote an opinion paper with 3 reasons supporting our opinions.

All About Cats Community Writing Activity

We spent quite a bit of time learning all about cats.  We read informational text and literary text about house cats and wild cats. We used all that to write a class report about cats.  We did 3 different art projects about cats, too.  We drew a house cat, a lion and Mr. Jones, our principal, gave us an art lesson with charcoal.  Our librarian had read us the book called "Kittens First Full Moon" and Mr. Jones helped us draw the pictures above.  If you see us around the building you should ask us a question about cats.  We learned so much!

Understanding the Meaning of =

You would think that understanding what equal really means would be easy, but it is not.  We have had to have lots of different opportunities to try and grasp the real meaning of the equal sign and what is on each side of it.  This was one of the workstations we worked at using blocks to visually see our equations.


Going Batty

Henry and Mudge Visitors

10 Combinations on the iPad and in Computer Lab