Thursday, December 20, 2012

Listen to Us Practicing our Fluency with Poems!!

Order of readers from the top...
1. Alexis  2.  Elora  3.  Olivia  4.  Brittney  
5.  Landon  6.  Damien  7.  Bryan  8.  Harley  
9.  Angel  10.  Maya   11.  Ashton  12.  Aiden  13.  Icy  14.  Adaia  15.  Jasmine  16.  Madison  17.  Ariah

We add at least one poem a week to our poetry journal.  We added several over the past 2 weeks about Christmas.  During our "Reading Pajama Party" each student chose one of their favorite poems and recorded it for your enjoyment.  Please feel free to comment.  My students would love your feedback!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Busy Christmas Elves

Here are some of the gifts we have been creating the past 2 weeks.  My elves have been VERY busy!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Working Hard

Our first Christmas art project.
The students did a really nice job with these.

We discussed shorter, longer, measuring and comparing during this project.
Our pile of left-overs after our hard work.
Love when a group of students gets engrossed in a book.

This is one of our well loved books.  It is about "killer animals."
Practicing our spelling words the morning of the test.The students love writing on the whiteboard table.
We just got our Smartboard.  This is a word work station with 2 sight word games up.
We went out in the hall for our math test.  We had to write our number to 75. 
We couldn't stay in the room for the test because we have numbers up all over the classroom.  They read their textbook reader quietly in the hallway waiting on the others to finish writing their numbers.  Almost everyone go them all correct!

We play a reading game at our computers that matches the sounds we are working on each week.
Listening to reading is a great station.  We listen to other readers and watch the text as it is highlighted in the story.
One of my student's spelling homework sent to me by email!  Great job Alexis!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Identifying Words in a Poem that Suggest Feelings ELA.1.R.C2.1

We have been reading poems that suggust or use words that identify feelings or appeal to the senses in our class.  This is a funny poem by Shel Silverstein that the children read several times today.  We decided to record it for our classroom blog.  I took a poll and most students in our class felt the same way as the author about cleaning their rooms and taking out the trash!  Please leave a comment if your liked our reading of the poem. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Little of This and That

Discovering Adjectives
Our Reading Stamina is up to 39 minutes!!!
Pumpkin Math
Counting 10's and Zero Ones

 Our Groups of 10 Pumpkin Big Book
(Sorry they are out of order.  They won't cooperate on this site today!)

1 Group of 10 and 0 Ones
2 Groups of 10 and 0 Ones
7 Groups of 10 and 0 Ones
8 Groups of 10 and 0 Ones
4 Groups of 10 and 0 Ones
5 Groups of 10 and 0 Ones

3 Groups of 10 and  0 Ones
6 Groups of 10 and O Ones

9 Groups of 10 and 0 Ones

Positive Reward Party Painting Table

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Kittens are born with their eyes shut.  In about a week their eyes open so they can see.  Kittens are born little. Kittens can not talk unless it is in a literary story like, Splat the Cat. When kittens first get on their feet they are wobbly.   Kittens get big enough to lap from a dish.  Kittens like to play attack and wrestle with each other.  Kittens are mischief makers.  Kittens can run.  Kittens like to chase moving butterflies and turtles.  They get curious when they see moving things.  Kittens and cats like to catch mice.  Some kittens and cats are fluffy.  Some kittens and cats are not fluffy.  Some cats live outside.
      We learned about exotic cats. When they are born they have short fur but it can get longer. They can be different colors.  They have round faces. The cats are born with blue eyes.   As the cats get older their eyes turn brown.  They might have runny eyes.  You can wash them off gently.  Exotic cats need food and water every day.  They make really good friends for boys and girls. 
      Big cats, like lions, tigers and cheetahs do not live in West Virginia.  Big cats live far, far away in Africa and Asia.  Big cats can not purr, they can roar.  Big cats hunt their prey. Lions hunt together but other big cats hunt alone.   Cheetahs are the fastest animal on land.  They can run up to 60 miles per hour which is as fast as a car. 
      We learned there are all kinds of cats.  There are killer cats and regular cats.  There are nice cats and mean cats.   Some cats eat cat food and treats and others cats eat other animals. Some cats like to play with people and some cats could eat the people.  There are all kinds of cats.

Illustrations by Room 19

 Resources Used in the Writing and Making of our Article