Friday, June 21, 2013

Too Cool! Aurasma Interactive Book Reports

The last week of school my class wrote a report about their favorite book of the year. I recorded them reading their reports. I used the videos with an unbelievable new app to create "augmented reality" interactive book reports.  We set up a quick display the last week of school to share their work with other classes.  I put an invitation into each teacher's mailbox and invited them to bring their class to view our interactive reports.  There was much excitement about what they saw when they used our class ipads to view the display. 

If you want to view what the school saw you need to follow these simple directions...
1) Download the free app called Aurasma
2) Search for room19 (no space) using the magnifying glass icon at the screen bottom.
3) Choose to follow.
4) At the bottom of your screen touch the 4 cornered box icon.
5) Hold this up over one of the book covers below and watch what happens.( I have noticed when I begin following others using Aurasma it takes about 30 seconds for my i-device to recognize the first picture.)
6) You might have to move your ipad or iphone in and out a bit so it can focus on the image.  
Tip-A moving swirl will begin to appear if you have followed the above steps correctly.

 If you want to know more here is an interesting TED talk about Aursama.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sea of Helmets

Our principal received a safe schools grant and used part of it to purchase bike helmets for all our students.
We had a team come in and properly fit each helmet on each student.  The excitement was very high as class after class paraded by wearing their newly fitted helmets.  Everyone met on the playground at the end of the day to have a school wide photo snapped of everyone wearing their helmets.  I just couldn't resist getting a photo of all the colors, shapes, and sizes as I stood there.