Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Chihuahuas, Characters, and Nouns

My class got to take home their own chihuahua home.  They will begin to feed him our decodable books weekly.  This will build them a very nice reading library to read from nightly.  Practice makes perfect and this sure is true for first grade readers.  
We have also been learning about nouns and characters from our stories.  The class made the connection that all characters and stettings from stories are NOUNS.  We celebrated this fact by drawing some of our favorite characters on the back of our envelope.  They were so proud of their character nouns they wanted to share them with our blog readers.  Enjoy!

My Intervention Class

My small intervention group has been reading and working on Laura Numeroff's books.  

We have enjoyed them so much.  We have found interesting vocabulary, studied contractions from the stories, used our senses to write describing words for the tasting, learning paragraph formats, noun scavenger hunts, and so much more!  (I bet you really don't know what a moose sounds like but we do now!)


Monday, September 19, 2016


Each student in my classroom has their own book box.  It is full of books they have chosen to read.  It also has a bag with "good fit" books in it.  This means they can read almost all the words in those books so they place them in the bag.  The other books are ones they are trying to read or they are reading the pictures.  They weekly get the opportunity to "book shop" in our classroom library to exchange any books they are finished reading.  This is important because having a new supply weekly helps them improve their  decoding and comprehension skills.  We have been timing our reading stamina and can read for a total of 23 minutes.  Our goal is to reach 45 minutes by the end of the year. I have no doubt they can achieve this reading goal!