Sunday, October 30, 2016

October Lessons and the Halloween Parade

Here is the the Halloween parade photos I had time to snap.  The class had so much fun getting dressed and showing everyone their costumes! Thank you parents for coming out and viewing the parade!

We read the story "The Spider in the Fly" in October.  We learned so many new vocabulary words from this fable.  We learned that even our own friends could be spiders in our lives.  We created sparkly, shiny webs to represent that trouble can look good but it still leads to consequences.

 We have been reading "Charlotte's Web" so we created a web and the barn setting in our reading corner.  We are reviewing characters, setting, problems, solutions, vocabulary, and literary text story maps in this study.

 We also used the book and song "Dem Bones" to label the skeleton we had in our room.  We drew a skull and students came up with adjectives to describe their skull.

 We are working on adjectives.  One of my students brought in this poster so we used the opportunity to label the adjectives in the poster.
 We read our textbook story called "Jack and the Wolf."  Of course we had to learn more about wolves and create a chart to share our learning.  We also wrote about wolves as we started learning how to write a paragraph.

 We are working on our addition combinations of 10.  Our class created this chart with these combinations.  We use it as a resource to solve missing addends in number sentences.  We learned the turn-around facts are called the communicative property.

 We created counting bean sticks with the 10 combinations on them.  We are going to use them to learn place value, groups of 10, and greater than, less than.

We have also worked at stations creating 10 combinations so we become fluent with these facts.

We used the books "Creepy Carrots" and "Crankenstein" to work more with our nouns and adjectives.

Before we learned our 10 combinations we reviewed our 5 combinations from kindergarten. 

Students have to understand the meaning of the = sign.  They used a poster creating app on the ipad to show their work.  They had to use concrete objects to make = statements that were true.

In September we created some /oo/ owls as we learned the 2 sounds for /oo/.

 We also read a story about a storm in our textbook reader.  We wrote a shared group paragraph about what we learned about storms that week.