Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dr. Seuss' Birthday

We suspended our weekly lessons to do some "Seuss" learning. The students went on a "rhyming word" scavenger hunt in our library of Dr. Seuss books. They wrote a list of words they read and discovered. They transferred them to a chart and onto their hats. They completed a directed drawing of the Cat in the Hat. They are learning about commas in a series so they wrote a sentence with a long list of items the Cat dropped in the book. We highlighted "secret stories" in a biography on Dr. Seuss and read it with a partner then me. Later in math we review our number to 120. Using a Power Point timed show the students followed the directions to create a "Thing 1" picture. Later we did buddy reading with a friend using the Dr. Seuss books. Busy, busy, busy today!


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