Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Spring Fling Thing Day

The Spring Fling Thing Day
by Room 19's Students

     Spring Fling Thing Day is a special day.  It is special because we got to go to different stations today.  They all had something to do with spring. 
     We got to put sentences into order.  That was the "Sentence Jumble" station.  We got to string spring eggs.  That was the "Egg Stringing" station.  We got to circle verbs on a paper  that we saw our partners do while blowing bubbles. That was the "Verb Bubbles" station.  We found eggs with our sight words on them outside on the playground.  That was called the "Word Egg" station. We wrote sight words on the playground with chalk in the "Chalk Word" station. We read spring books in the "Spring Reading" station. 
     We had fun writing on the ground with the chalk. We had a lot of fun hunting for the word eggs, too.  Everybody got to do all the stations and they were fun!  We all had FUN going to all the stations!!  

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