Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chinese Acrobats Come to Visit

Chinese Acrobats 
by Room 19 

     Chinese acrobats came to McKinley School. They juggled, twirled plates on sticks, and rode on unicycles doing tricks, and someone was flipping masks quickly while dancing. 
     First, one of the men juggled hats. He would wear one, take it off and throw it up while juggling. He did a cartwheel while juggling and the hat he was juggling landed on his head.

     Next, two girls rode unicycles. They balanced bowls on their heads while they rode the unicycles. They were kicking the bowls and trying to get them to land on their head but they dropped one. The girl picked it up and tried again. She finally did it. At the end they stopped and got off their unicycles. 

     Then, the girls were spinning plates on sticks and none of the plates fell.  They rolled backwards while balancing them.  None of the plates fell.  They spun the plates while keeping their arms up.  They moved their arms in different ways and still the plates did not fall.

    Also, we saw girls with Chinese yo-yos.  They threw the yo-yos to each other. They caught them on the strings.  The girls were throwing the yo-yos up into the air. They went as high as the ceiling and when they came down the girls caught them.

 Finally, a man came out wearing a mask and a cape.  He frightened our principal and a kindergartener. When he shook our teacher’s hand he changed his mask without using his hands.  It looked like the mask changed just by the turning of his head.  Mrs. Settle jumped in surprise when the mask changed right before her eyes!  The mask was red and then turned into a green mask.  Sometimes the mask was the face of a cat, the face of a bunny, a clown, or it was black, white, pink or blue.  At the end we saw the man’s real face.

We thought this was a good show.  It was fun to watch.  It had funny parts in the show.  We are glad the Chinese acrobats came to McKinley School!


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