Friday, March 15, 2013

DuPont Science Show

DuPont Science Show

     Today we saw the DuPont Science Show.  It was AWESOME!  We wanted to list some of the things we saw at the show.
·     Popping Balloons
·     Shooting Balls from a Tiny Cannon
·     Fire with Balloons and Loud Noises
·     Explosions
·     Water Changing Colors with Acids and Bases
·     Dry Ice that Blew Up a Balloon
·     Penny Experiment
·     Shrinking Balloons
·     Water Lock Diaper
·     Predictable Science that Looked Like Magic
·     Lighting Oxygen on Fire in a Bottle
·     Ball Bouncing Contest
·     Banana Hammer
·     Frozen Shattering Ball
·     Egg In and Out of the Bottle
My Favorite Part
·     Brandie-“I  liked where they put fire on the stick and they popped the balloon.  It was loud!”
·     Alexis-“I liked when the balloon exploded.”
·     Elora-“My favorite part was when the balloon made a big explosion.”
·     Kylee-“My favorite part was when they had the frozen ball and it shattered.”
·     Landon-“My favorite part was when the kid was using a banana for a hammer to put the nail into the wood.”
·     Brittney-“ I liked when the guy lit the little can and it launched up into the air and exploded.”

·     Maya-“I liked when the girl put the egg in the bottle.  They rubbed the bottle and the egg finally came back out.”
·     Damien-“I liked the ball breaking on the floor into pieces.”
·     Bryan-“My favorite part was when they put fire on the Pringles can and it exploded into the air.”
·     Harley-“My favorite part was when they exploded the balloons at the end of the show.”
·     Madison-“I liked the liquid nitrogen.  They put a banana and a ball into it and it was like ice.  They froze, then they broke.”
·     Jack-“I liked the part where Mrs. Settle and Landon had a contest.  The scientist gave Mrs. Settle a dud of a ball that did not bounce.  He gave Landon the ball that bounced all the way to the ceiling.  Landon won the contest.”
·     Aiden-“A balloon was in the ice in a bowl.  The balloon got small and the air inside shrunk up.  When they took it out the balloon got warm and the air blew the balloon back up.”
·     Angel-“My favorite part was when the balloon was blowing up on the bottle.  He had put dry ice into the bottle.”
·     Olivia-“My favorite part was when my teacher had a competition with Landon.”
·     Ariah-“I liked when you and Landon had a competition, too.”
·     Jasmine-“My favorite part was when they broke the ball.”
·     Adaia-“My favorite part was when they mixed the acids and the bases with water.  The water changed colors.”
·     Destiny-“My favorite part was when my teacher had a contest.  I thought it was funny.  Mrs. Settle lost.”
·     Hope-“I liked the part where the balloons popped.”
·     Abby-“I liked the part where my teacher and Landon had a competition.”
·     Icy-“I liked the part where the pennies went into Nitric Acid. It turned the mix into black and brown.  At the end it stopped and the mix changed blue.” 
·     Ashton-“I liked where they lit the stick.  The last balloon popped and blew up.  It made fire!

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