Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Let's Go to the Moon and Space

We are reading an informational text story about going to the moon.  We are learning why " outer space" is called "space" in our room by living and working in "inner space." This means moving a lot of the furniture out of the room to create real space in our classroom.  The class grasped the meaning of "space" and we are loving the freedom  that so much space allows us to work and collaborate with one another.

 Actual NASA Photos of the Moon
 Physical Models to Study
 Creating Rockets with our Shape Templates

 Learning that a "Count Down" is actually subtracting one from the number above it.
     Using real NASA photographs, movies, and books to learn more about the moon.
This is our "space" room this week.  We will live and work with lots of "space" around us.  We made the connection now of how space got its name! (Sorry my desk is a mess preparing for this week on Sunday!)

Listening to the decodable story "Go Jones" and highlighting the long /o/ words.
We are using QR codes for activity movies this week.
Since we have so much space to spread out in this week we are concentrating on collaboration.
The students worked together to compare and contrast the moon and the Earth.
 Ready to make some space art on paper!

 Working on a long /o/ poem together.  Highlight, read with a friend and paste it into our journals.
 Time to work on comparing and contrasting the moon and Earth. 


Rockets ready for space.                 
Set up for our Crater Experiment

 Ready to finish painting space.

The Sun Station
The Textured Moon 
 Our classroom report on the moon.
We also compared the moon to the Earth. We added that information under the textured moon painting.
Operating in our "inner space."

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