Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Little of This and That!!

A little bit of this and that. 
 Mr. Syner, our counselor, teaching us about "Paying Attention Penguin."

 Making bead sticks with 10 on each of them.  We use them to count by 10, add 10 more, subtract ten less, learn about the tens place, and so much more.

 The students had to sort the books in their personal book boxes into "informational text" or "literary text" piles.

 Making our poster of proper and common nouns.
 We drew the fish from "The Cat in the Hat" during the week of our Dr. Seuss biography.  We added adjectives to describe the fish during the story. 

 This was our first awards assembly.  Not everyone gets an award but they will as the year progresses.

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