Sunday, April 26, 2015

Building our International Space Station in our Solar System

Students have been busy designing and building their international space station.  They have added computers, wall panels, wall paper, a robotic space arm, a space tube pass-through, buttons, remotes, hanging lights and more. Some are designing the Dragon rocket that brings supplies to the space station.  Another teacher shared some of her mission control instruments with the class and you will see them in the pictures below.  This upcoming week we will study the moon and NASA's space ship  Orion.  We will learn what missions Orion is being created to do and expand our space vocabulary and understanding.  Stay tuned for more space developments from Room 19!

 Space Laptop!

 Space rocket "Dragon" design team hard at work.

 Creating the American Flag emblem to add the the outside of the station.

 Mission Control

 Wall Panel

The excitement cannot be contained!

 Adding buttons and switches.

 Flying over Asia.

 Creating the Solar System Posters.

The finished Solar System outside our door.
The Sun-Our Star
 Asteroid Belt
 Uranus, Neptune, and our Milky Way Galaxy
Learning the planets in order.

Reading space books out in our solar system under the stars!

Solar System Puzzle
 Creating the NASA logo

 Learning about the meaning of "international."

Creating the flags that fly aboard the International Space Station.  ISS

 Delta IV Heavy that carries the Orion Module into space.
 The beginning of our Micro-Essay on the Orion Space Module.

The ISS in front of the Moon.
 The planet Venus in the morning sky.
 The Moon in the Earth's shadow causing it to appear red.
 The North Star in the Big Dipper.

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