Sunday, January 11, 2015

Icicle Ball and Repeated Reading

We are doing repeated readings on the song called the Icicle Ball by Karen Rupprecht and Pam Minor. 
 ( Click the following link to see or print the text and hear a sample of the song. .
 Right click to open it in a new tab and keep this page open, too.)
  Repeated readings help students with fluency, accuracy, and sight words.
 I create a movie for the students with the music so we can read the lyrics and sing the song as we learn it together. 
I use the same video with pictures of  the vocabulary we will cover as I read the text. (See below.)  Students can follow along, as this has been proven to support struggling readers, too. 
Movie with me reading the lyrics as text.
I also have created a QR code for the students to listen to me read the lyrics later in the week as they track the text or read along with me during "Listen to Reading" workstation.

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