Wednesday, January 7, 2015

December Odds and Ins

Lots of pictures from the month of December.  I wanted to get them posted for you to enjoy!
We had our principal, Mr. Jones, come in and give us an art lesson.  It was from Snowmen at Night.

I gave each student a math tool kit for a Christmas gift.  We added 10 dots to our sticks so they could use them when counting my tens, adding 10 to the place value mat, etc.

This math kit included a 120 chart, place value chart, 2 ten frames, 20 connecting counting cubes, 20 beans, 20 pennies, a ruler, page protector to act as a white board, dry-erase marker, whiteboard eraser, 10 popsicle sticks with 10 dots each on them, a pipe cleaner to make a < symbol for number problems, and 2 die.

Ben's mother and sister brought in a craft for the class to make.  It was a Rudolph from the song we learned to read.  The class loved their finished clip.  Thank you Mrs. Morris and Rachel!

 Mr. Jones had his friend, David Wells come in and play for our school.  He plays the trumpet and the flugelhorn.  He had some of the teachers and students try to play the trumpet.  He said it is one of the more difficult instruments to learn how to play.

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