Saturday, May 3, 2014

Genius Hour Update with Pictures

Genius Hour
We are winding down our projects.  The students have conferred with me and know what direction they need to head to finish up their projects.  They are still fully engaged for each Genius Hour we have in the classroom.  We have ours every other Friday.  Each time I announce today we will have Genius Hour a cheer arises in the classroom. Yes, they love it!
Solar System Puzzle with a Helper
  Art Group
  Dogs and Cats
These 2 wanted to learn new math games.  They are going to teach them to the class.

 Research on the solar system.

 A helper teaching a student a new math game.
Seals and Polar Bears
This Key Club member worked with 6 students that wanted to learn more about seals and polar bears.  We had done a unit on the "Arctic" in January and this group was inspired to continue the research.
 More Seals and Polar Bears
Helpers were there to read text too hard for 1st graders.  They were wonderful.

Train Book
 Cat book in progress.
 Tigers with a helper.
 Artists Drawing
 Look at mine!



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