Monday, April 7, 2014

"Express Yourself" Art Reviews

We are experiencing the arts this week.  One of our work stations is looking at art transparencies.  The students have to chose one they like or dislike and state their opinions in a "triple whammy" sentence.  This is the how they begin to learn how to state a topic sentence.  This type of  topic sentence can eventually become the beginning of  five paragraphs of writing.

The students are also learning how to film each other with the ipad.  The videographer can not begin the filming until they have heard the three reasons that support the reviewer's opinions.

Emma's Review of  "Jonathan and Lorraine"

Tyler's Review of "First Steps"

Destiny's Review of "Court Ladies"

Review of "Little Alphabet" by Emily
I like "Little Alphabet" because it has letters, a girl in it, and flowers.

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