Monday, December 10, 2012

Working Hard

Our first Christmas art project.
The students did a really nice job with these.

We discussed shorter, longer, measuring and comparing during this project.
Our pile of left-overs after our hard work.
Love when a group of students gets engrossed in a book.

This is one of our well loved books.  It is about "killer animals."
Practicing our spelling words the morning of the test.The students love writing on the whiteboard table.
We just got our Smartboard.  This is a word work station with 2 sight word games up.
We went out in the hall for our math test.  We had to write our number to 75. 
We couldn't stay in the room for the test because we have numbers up all over the classroom.  They read their textbook reader quietly in the hallway waiting on the others to finish writing their numbers.  Almost everyone go them all correct!

We play a reading game at our computers that matches the sounds we are working on each week.
Listening to reading is a great station.  We listen to other readers and watch the text as it is highlighted in the story.
One of my student's spelling homework sent to me by email!  Great job Alexis!

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