Thursday, December 20, 2012

Listen to Us Practicing our Fluency with Poems!!

Order of readers from the top...
1. Alexis  2.  Elora  3.  Olivia  4.  Brittney  
5.  Landon  6.  Damien  7.  Bryan  8.  Harley  
9.  Angel  10.  Maya   11.  Ashton  12.  Aiden  13.  Icy  14.  Adaia  15.  Jasmine  16.  Madison  17.  Ariah

We add at least one poem a week to our poetry journal.  We added several over the past 2 weeks about Christmas.  During our "Reading Pajama Party" each student chose one of their favorite poems and recorded it for your enjoyment.  Please feel free to comment.  My students would love your feedback!

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jenbrett said...

You did such a nice job reading! Thanks for sharing with everyone! My first graders will love listening to other first graders read out loud.