Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Week Books Becoming Our Favorites!

 My class loves singing and dancing to the "Rules Rap" by Dr. Jean.  We have the coloring book that goes along with this new favorite.  My students have added this book to their book box  that they read from everyday.  They know all the words and enjoy reading it together or quietly to themselves.
 This was the class' introduction to the wonderful author Mo Willems.  This book is a great favorite with its simple words in word clouds and the mice marching around saying "please" on so many pages.  They are looking forward to more books by Mo because of this funny book.
 Skippyjon Jones was not on my beginning of they year list but one of my students told me these were his favorite books.  I had gotten my Skippyjon stuffed animal this summer at Kohl's and so I just had to read this one this week.  I downloaded the ipad app and we listened to the author read her own story.  It had lots of little fun interactives to add to the story.  By the end of the day we were all saying "Holy Guacamole!"  I found this new informational text about chihuahuas and plan on reading it soon to the children.
 We read this old rhyme and then played the game with our Smartboard.  I added each child's picture to a slide and we repeated the rhyme and they answered the class when it was their turn.  They loved it.  At the end I had a slide that allowed the computer to randomly select a slide of the "real" cookie thief.  It was such fun and they can't wait to check this book out of the library to read it with one another.

 This was a book about being frustrated with  some things at school and how to "move on" and find new friends.  We practice this skill a lot in first grade when feelings get hurt by others on the playground. "Moving on" and finding someone else to play with for a while helps them to problem solve in social situations.
This is a big book in our room.  I have the song by Raffi that is identical to the book.  We listened to the song several times during the day before I introduced this book.  When I read it the next day the class was so pleased they knew all the words to the book.  I am sure this will be a new favorite and much read (and sung) by the students.
This book will also be added as a math station.  The children will create word problems using the story.  They will use counters as the ducks and use words and illustrations to show what math was happening in the story.
We also read this math story.  It is about a snake that collects mice in a jar to eat for dinner.  Of course the mice get away.  This will also be added to one of our math workstations to create words problems of addition and subtraction.  They will put the problems and illustrations showing their work in a blank book I will provide.
This is to become another class favorite.  They can read most of the words and can related to David.  Everyone had a smile on their face as they watched and listened to  David's antics.  After reading the story we did a "follow the directions" picture to draw David.  They did a nice job.  I have them hanging in the hallway and you will get them home soon!

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