Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day of School

The first day of school was a great one.  The children were happy to be here.  No one came in crying.  I always like that kind of start.  We began finding our hooks in the coatroom.  We brainstormed rules for our classroom.  We had fun with our "Adventures in Fitness" brain break.  We discussed some of the vocabulary we heard while exercising  during the activity.  We talked about  the west, cowboys, Indians, rattlesnakes, and dens.  We will continue our adventure tomorrow during one of our morning brain breaks.  We listened to the story "Mouse's First Day of School".  We learned that there are 3 ways to read a book.  The children decided the first way was to read the words.  The second way was to read the pictures.  I told them tomorrow we will learn the third way to read a book.  (You can retell a story you have heard before while looking through the book.)  We went outside and learned the rules for the playground.  We got to practice the rules while we played!  Next it was lunchtime and recess.  We came back in and listened to the story "Bear Your Manners are Showing" and colored a picture of Bear.  We got to get our book boxes and explore what was in them.  We have many "good fit" books, a file folder to hold papers, a whiteboard to write on, and a sock to erase the whiteboard.  We practiced how to use the whiteboard, makers and sock.  We liked writing on them.  Next it was time for gym.  Mrs. Morris said we were a really good first grade.  She taught us a new game called "Flip Flop", we played a new kind of tag, we talked about being safe in gym, wearing the proper shoes and cooling down.  It  was time for our second recess after gym.  When we returned we went to the gym with the rest of the school and listened to Mr. Shreve, Mr. Syner and Mr. Smith talk to us about being a student at McKinley.  We went to the library next.  We then came back to the room packed up and when home!  My, we had a busy day!

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