Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Field Trip

Fort Boreman Park Scavenger Hunt

Ward's Fruit, Vegetables and Flower Market

One Room Schoolhouse

We loved our field trip very much.  Our field trip was cool.  We went on two scavenger hunts. We went to Quincy Hill Park and Fort Boreman Park.   Then, we got to go to the fruit, vegetable and flower market.   Next, we went to the mall and ate at Burger King.  We went to a one room schoolhouse after that in Mineral Wells.  There  was a fake teacher at the school. The pretend teacher told S to throw a marble on the floor.  S got in pretend trouble for that.  She pretended that J had  been picking on someone and she pulled his ear to get him up front in the classroom.  S and J had to sit in the dunce chair for getting into pretend trouble. She made K put her nose on a dot on the board because K pretended to pass a note.   She said K was at the board pretending to practice kissing a boy. One of the teachers got her bottom tapped in a pretend spanking. She called called some of the boys "master". They had pretend old wooden guns to play with at recess there. We played cool games, too. There were stilts to walk with during recess. We had ice pops at the end.  It was fun.   The field trip was awesome.

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Colleen said...

It looks like your trip was great'. Thanks for sharing it with us.