Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

This is the gift the we created for our mothers, grandmothers or the person that cares for us at home. We created a "Breakfast in Bed" gift bag with a muffin and an orange.   We illustrate a book called "If you Give a Mom a Muffin".  It had our picture in it pretending to eat mom's muffin.  We also gave mom a calendar.
K.T. said she read the book to her mom, aunts, and gradma.  They clapped at the end of the story and they said it was beautiful.  E.L.'s mom liked the gift and divided the muffin into 4 pieces to share.  C.C's mom said "Thank you." and "I love you."  C.B's mom said that she loved it and she would love if she had another muffin to go with it.  M.H.'s grandma hugged her and was happy.  S.S's mom received flowers, a card and the bag from him.  She loved it all. 

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