Tuesday, December 6, 2016

At Home in the Ocean Journeys Lesson 11

This week we are living in the ocean!  We are reading about sharks from our vocabulary reader.  Our main textbook section can be found HERE.  We have completed a graphic organizer about what sharks have, what they are, and what sharks can do.  We used those facts to write a triple whammy sentence (3 ideas separated by commas in a sentence).  We used what we learned to write a paragraph about sharks, too.  After completing our paragraphs the students got eaten by a great white shark!
My co-teacher had 2 students create sharks at home and brought them to class to share.  I just had to post these awesome sharks to our page! 


A great white shark greets the class in room 19.
                                 Watch out for the stinging jelly fish!
I added some slow motion wave videos one morning, Jaws music another day, and scuba diving in a real coral reef video on Friday.

After reading about sea creatures we can write about them.  We will add drawings of them to our ocean mural in the hallway.
We have to have some ocean buddies to read all those good books to!
What is an ocean without a little background whale singing and calming underwater sounds?
Our ocean sight words this week that have to be memorized.
The students will make this  and add it to the shark paragraphs after writing this week.
Watch out for the big waves at the doorway!
A school of sharks soon to be Christmas gifts!  The classes will make one into a refrigerator magnet and the other into a Christmas ornament!  I be not too many parents  have sharks hanging on their Christmas trees!

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