Sunday, November 6, 2016

Intervention Group Time with Mummies!

Our intervention group has been reading an informational text to learn about mummies.We have completed all our work and are finished with this unit of study.  The students wrote the captions to the photographs of our work below to share with you.
We named the dead body Fred.
Fred is about to be mummified.
We needed salt and oils to put on the mummy.  We took out the brain with the hook.
We read a informational text book to make learn how to mummify him.
 (This was written for grades 1-3.  It is a level N book with a  grade level equivalent 3.8.)
 We pretended to be Egyptians.
We took out the wet organs.
Slaton is putting the lungs inside the jar. These organs were kept in the tomb with the mummy.
She helped take out the lungs.
I am taking out the intestines.
They are washing the heart to put it back into the body.
All clean!
They took out the brains with a hook.
The brains were pulled out through the nose.
They threw the brain in the trash when they were done. Egyptians did not understand how important the brain was for the working of the body.
The heart was put back into the body cavity. The body was sewed up at this point in the process.
We had to wash the body.
We put salt on the body because it keeps it from decaying.
The salt takes all the water out of the body.
The body becomes dehydrated.

The washing and salt team are finished.  Time for the next step!
This team had to watch the body for 40 days!
40 days later Fred was a mummy!
We pored the oil on Fred.
I used peppermint oil.
Dakota used Melaluca oil.

We also used lavender oils.
The smell is really strong!

We wrapped the body with linen strips.
We put him in the sarcophagus.
He is in the pyramid now with his organs.
Lucky Fred!  Only the wealthy got to become mummies in ancient Egypt.
We have learned that many of the ideas we thought we knew about mummies were really misconceptions.
We recorded the truth about mummies as we read about them in our informational text book.
We added more to our chart as we learned about mummies.
We read about mummy making procedures.  We created a chart about the process.  We added it to our mummy book we created.
  We created a book made from paper bags to hold our vocabulary words we decoded for each chapter.   We added some hieroglyphics and a few fashions the Egyptians wore.  This also holds the writing chart for the procedures to make a mummy.
 After we added captions to our blog entry we invited both classes to view our work.  Everyone made sure they smelled how great mummified Fred was on the way our of the room.

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