Monday, September 5, 2016

First 3 Weeks of our New School Year

Welcome to our classroom blog.  I try to post different things we are doing, learning, discussing, playing, trying and so much more here on our classroom blog..  Here are a few of the first 3 weeks worth of work we have been busy doing.
We followed directions and drew and colored a favorite character from "No David."
 We also did the same for the pigeon from "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus."

 We are creating a bulletin board to share with the school regarding what we have learned about our brains.  We are also learning that our mindsets can be fixed or growth ones.  This makes all the difference in our learning!

 Adding information to our science journals about how our Secret Stories works with different areas of the brain to help us read.
 Adding our dendrite brain cheer!  Let's grow more dendrites!

 We also added information about how we are growing billions of neurons over our lifetime.


 This was from our experiment where we learned how neurons talked to each other with electrical impulses over a circuit.
We learned about different areas of the brain and how they help us learn.  The more areas we involve in our learning the more chance we have at retaining it in our hippocampus. 
We found out our brain has 2 hemispheres.

 During the week we found out that our mindset can stop our learning or help us to grow in our learning.  Challenges are good things when it comes to learning!
 Here are a few of the books we read to help us understand the brain and our mindsets.
 The brain loves learning with music.  We are so glad our music teacher allows us to use instruments in class.  Our brains love listening for the patterns it the music.

 This is on of the homework experiments the students could do in August.  This student's Mom even scrapbooked it so he could share it with the class.

Great job you two!  
Another student brought in pictures of her paper airplane experiment.  
Thanks for sharing Mom!  

 Did I mention our watermelon science unit?  We measured, estimated, weighed, floated, counted seeds, read about, labeled parts, learned vocabulary, studied the life cycle, and tasted our watermelon.  Science can be sooooo fun!

My small intervention group read the books below.  We got to use our senses to write about a cookie.
 We created a word web using our senses.
 We studied vocabulary and contractions from the book. 
 Here they are reading the article they wrote about their cookie to the class.
We also did a bit of engineering based off a story we read.  It was "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom."  We used blocks, sticks and letters for our experiment.  The students had to design their tree to hold the most letters like the book.  The record was 14 letters!  Some real thinking and problem solving was done by the partners!

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