Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Creepy Carrots

We read a funny, creepy book about a rabbit and carrots called "Creepy Carrots." It has lead to a lot of fun learning in our classroom. We have discussed the main idea and key details. We have written our favorite details from the story. We found the characters, setting, problem and 2 solutions in the story. We sequenced the story using first, then, next, last transition words. We wrote adjectives about the carrots after they solved their problems. Of course, we made creepy carrots, too! One type of Creepy Carrot was a reversible finger puppet the students could use to retell the story.  We also made a quick movie of the "tunk, tunk" sound effect of carrots creeping up on you, the breathing sound effects of carrots in your room, and Jasper the rabbit seeing the carrots.

 Video #1-The sound carrots make when creeping up on you is "tunk, tunk, tunk."
Video #2- Creepy Carrot Breathing
Video #3- Jasper Seeing the Creepy Carrots

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