Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Secret Stories Vowel Practice

We have been practicing our short and long vowel sounds with Secret Stories these past few weeks.  I recorded the students doing this before sending our puppet super-friends home.  You will notice that when they sing the long vowels the superheros are flying through the air with their capes on.  The short vowel is sang using the proper gestures that Katie Garner, the author of Secret Stories, tell us to use to benefit the student's recall of the sounds.  We LOVE our stories.  So far we know all the vowels, the bad drivers (er, ir, ur), prank callers (ph), al, the rough recess players (ou, ow), ch, The letters that have a crush on each other (au, aw), and the rude letter th!

Sorry for the low resolution.  This site reduces the size of the file for easier uploading.

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