Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We are in the process of using what we have learned from our "I PICK" song (see post below) to choose good fit books for our book boxes. Today we got to choose 4 books that: 1) I choose, not you. 2)I am interested in and want to become a better reader with these books. 3) I comprehend the book. 4) I know most of the words. We added these books into our "good fit" book bags that we keep in our book boxes. Later in the day, we practiced Read-to-Self starting with our newly chosen books. Our reading stamina soared up to 18 minutes.
The 4 "good fit" books this student chose.  She can read almost all of the words in each book.
She also has the song books we have made this year.  She knows all the words because she can sing the entire song.
These are all the other books she has in her book box that she is interested in reading. 

These are where we "park" our book boxes each evening.
We are graphing our reading stamina daily.  Our stamina increased to 18 minutes when students were reading their choice "good fit" books!  They have set the goal for tomorrow of getting to 20 minutes for Read-to-Self!

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