Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Native American Presentation

Today we had a man present us information about Native American Indians.  Here is some of the information we learned from his presentation to us.

  • He played an wooden flute.
  • He showed us a rock that was 2500 years old.
  • The rock had a picture of a girl on it. Her name was Kokopelli.
  • He let a girl play a drum.
  • He told us an story about an Indian playing a flute.
  • He made a wolf howl.
  • He told us that the Native American Indians had different kinds of fish traps.
  • He told us about different types of houses that Native Americans lived in.
  • He told us that the flutes were made of different kinds of wood.
  • He made an owl sound.
  • He said the woodpecker taught an Native American Indian how to make a flute in a story.
  • People went up to dance with the drummer.
  • He taught us that some made blankets and houses out of grass.
  • He showed us some pictures of  Native American Indians.
  •  Some Indians carried their babies on a board.
  • He showed us pictures of them riding horses.
  • He played a song from Pocahontas the movie.

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