Sunday, January 19, 2014

Arctic Blubber Experment

Since we are learning about the Arctic and Arctic animals we did a science experiment to go along with these studies.
Blubber Experiment
We compared how what our body experienced in frigid waters verses what Arctic animals experience with blubber.
 The red tub contained the cold Arctic water.  Those are "bergy bits and growlers" (small icebergs and floating bits of ice)  in the water.  The "blubber gloves" contained fat (shortening) called blubber in Arctic animals.
 Students put their hands, without blubber protection, in the cold ice water. After about20-30 seconds they removed them.  We observed what they looked like and discussed what it felt like.
 They each then put on a "blubber glove". It had a layer of fat, like Arctic animals, surrounding their skin.  They each repeated the above step with the protection of the blubber.  All were amazed at the difference.  Everyone could have kept their hands in the cold water much longer then before.  Once again we observed and discussed what we saw and felt after this time in the water.

 We recorded our observations on a science log sheet which students took home.  I am quite sure they totally understood how important blubber is to the Arctic animals survival.

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