Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eating the Plates

We have been reading an interesting informational text to help us learn more about the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving.
We have been engaged and grossed out by some of the things we learned about regarding the trip on the Mayflower and the food they ate.
We created a graphic organizer to help us collect our learning into one place.  We started with putting on our schema (what we already know) about the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving.  After listening to several chapters in the book we added some facts we learned.  We will be reviewing our schema and deciding if what we thought was all true facts or we need to move them under the "misconceptions" column.
We are busy creating a "How To" book with some of the information we are learning.  Stay tuned to this post because we will be adding pictures of our books!
These are some pictures we worked on together to add to our display.

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