Friday, May 4, 2012

Accelerated Reader Field Trip (AR)

We jumped off the bus and the class had a few moments to shout out some of their favorite parts of our trip to the Clay Center in Charleston. I told them I would post their list so they could read it with their parents when they got home so...
Favorite Parts of the Day

trapping the water
the waterfall
Jupiter Movie
smoky fog in the mountains
voice changer
window bubbles
digging in the sand and water
ball drop sculpture
glowing rocks
spinning tornado
boot shower
water squirting volcano
Earth City
Lion Movie
jumping sand
lasers in the fog
space shuttle controls
echo tube
moving red pins
pull yourself up chair
looking through a map
sand dune machine
3-D pictures
All of IT!

One of my students at lunch said, "This is a miracle kind of day!"  That is why I teach!  :)

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