Sunday, November 6, 2011

Science Meets Music- Arc Attack

Lightning bolts were in the theater! Arc Attack is a group of people showing us awesome science and music. Their show was loud! The lightning was really cool when they controlled it with the guitar. They had a robot. He played the drums for the band. They built the robot and the tesla coils in their garage. The lightning came from the tesla coils. It had a a small, sharp metal tube, that the lightning came out of. One of the men got in the middle of the tesla coils and lightning touched him. He had a metal suit and rubber shoes on that protected him. Everyone was excited when they played music. It was like a concert. We screamed and shouted to the music.

At the end the of the show the men answered our school's questions. We like the Smoot theater. The theater is classy. It has a fancy chandelier. We really were glad we got to go to this wonderful show.

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