Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our Extraordinary Fun Day

Fun Day was really cool, exciting and awesome this year.  We went around  outside our school and did play stations.  We raced through an inflatable bouncy house.  We bounced and jumped down the slide in it.  The inflatable bouncy was spectacular.

We liked playing on the playground.  We had fun playing basketball.  We had fun stacking cups.  We had fun having scooter races. 

Then we got to have a break and got some cold water.  It was refreshing because it was so hot we thought we were going to pass out. After our break we started playing again. 

The beanbag toss was fun.  We drew pictures with chalk on the blacktop.  We blew bubbles and made more bubbles by waving bubblesticks.

We played with a parachute.  We put balls on the parachute and they popped like popcorn.  Some of the balls hit people in the head including D.  It didn't hurt though.

We played with swimming noodles.  It was crazy.We had a sword fight with the noodles. We pretended we were pirates.  We pretended they were telescopes.  We pretended they were snakes.  We used them like talking phones.  We talked through the holes.  We pretended to ride them like horses.  We made bows with them.  We played tag with them. 

We liked our extraordinary Fun Day!!!  We can't wait until 2nd grade so we can do it again!

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