Friday, March 25, 2011

The Big Hail Storm!

We had a hail storm last night. M said the hail came down everywhere and covered the ground.  T thought the hail looked like white flowers growing in the grass.  D said he thought the hail looked like snow on the ground.  E said the hail felt like balls of ice.  It was a very loud storm.  The hailstones were very big.  They even broke a window by A’s bed.  The hail also damaged E’s roof.  The hail made it hard to drive.  D said he got out of his car and was hit by the hail.  The storm damaged C’s car. The storm knocked out some people’s electric power.  There was so much water coming down in the storm that it almost flooded J’s basement.  Roads were covered with water. The radio issued a “severe storm” alert.  There were a lot of strong winds with this storm.  The storm lasted quite a long time but we were all safe. 

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